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English version: Tijuana SVR A.C. is part of Mexican Deaf History

At the seminar SEÑALEES, Septimo Seminario Talleres, Modelo Educativo Bilingüe para el Niño Sordo, held in Mexico City, the educator, David Alejandro Torres López presented his book, Estrategias y recursos para el desarrollo de competencias en el niño Sordo, Modelo de la Educación Intercultural Bilingüe. Chapter IV of this book is entitled, Kofotecnología, which includes the subheading Videollamada y videoconferencia. Mr. Torres addressed the topic of how technology is being used more in order for Mexican deaf people to be able to communicate. Torres enlists examples of programs used and revealed that Tijuana SVR is a company that has quality service that provide interpreters in real-time in ASL, LSM, Spanish, and English. Some community service organizations have contracted this company permanently in order to be able to prove accessibility interaction with the deaf community. This is a hallmark in Mexico’s history since there is NO other service available other than Tijuana SVR A.C.

Tijuana SVR A.C. is a not for profit agency based in Mexico, establishing new communication resources and opportunities for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and hearing communities, such as Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), Video Interpreted Calls (VIC) and Sign language interpreting services in Mexican Sign Language (LSM), American Sign Language (ASL), spoken Spanish and English.
Angela Roth is founding member of Tijuana SVR A.C., President and owner of Gracias VRS, American Sign Language Services Inc based in Florida, USA and ASL Services Latino Inc based in Puerto Rico, serving the Caribbean, along with Sergio Peña, first and currently only Sign Language interpreter to hold national certification in both Mexico and United States. They are joined by José Luís Cruz, a Mexican Sign Language interpreter, information and computer system technician. Tijuana SVR A.C. can be reached at (011-52-664) 684-8170, from Mexico 01-800-788-2661, 01-664-684-8170 by VP tijuanasvr.dyndns.tv, e-mail: info@tijuanasvr.org  Learn more about TSVR at http://www.tijuanasvr.org

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